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After having done my final project for collection development: choosing books of Japanese poetry for a library collection, I'm starting to really miss reading it. Today I made a tanka... it's not bad (can't remember for sure if it's my first). Somehow it's actually easier to be personal and reflective in Japanese than it is in English. Let me what you think.


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I have a stack of library books that seems to be continually growing on my table. Soon it will no doubt be stacked up higher than the monitor. At work I'm constantly coming across books that seem like they'd be a great read and my will power being what it is, I inevitably check out 60% of stuff that catches my eye. But this last week the only thing I've been consistently reading is Mists of Avalon. ^^;; I did finish the Eva Besnyo photo book, but her work is so bloody amazing i think i'll keep it around a while longer for inspiration. I would buy it, but without looking, I'm sure I can't afford it. I've been trying to put them in some kind order of priority but I don't know who I'm kidding, I won't have time to read most of it.

At the moment the pile include:
A dictionary of intermediate Japanese Grammar;
Gender Gymnastics: Performing and Consuming Japan's Takarazuka Revue;
Evaluating Teacher Effectiveness in ESL/EFL Contexts (this should probably go back because I have a year to finish that project for class);
A History of Feminist Literary Criticism;
Nihongo Journal (newest circulating copy);
Sapphists and Sexologists: Histories of Sexualities;

And here is what comes after that out of my own collection yet to be read...
About 12 more volumes of Hana Kimi;
three more volumes of Blood+;
first six volumes of Glass Mask;
Rose of Versailles;
Oniisama E;
Paradise Kiss;
The Forest House;
Children of Dune;
Kafu the Scribbler;
the Columbia Anthology of Modern Japanese Literature;
the Complete Works of Shakespeare;
about 18 Xanth novels;
about 36 DS9 novels;
a lot more that's too far down the list of priorities to be important right now.

As of today, I now have a second job, and at least one of the two is full-time. Neither of them allow me to read at work. I want to cry.
I didn't think i'd even paid for shipping yet but they still sent me my yahoo.co.jp auction i won. The images that follow are of a zipper bag (1 out of 150) designed by Range Murata for his art book, FutuRhythm. Although i don't actually have the art book, I couldn't pass up the opportunity to get this when i saw it. It's simple gorgeous, sublime. This is the first piece of art i own that was designed by a famous artist. I feel special. Plus, it's functional: it could easily hold any of his ROBOT anthology books i have (B4 size). The inside is really cool looking too but i didn't bother taking a picture of that because the only digital camera i have available is the iSight on my macbook. geh ^^;;

I'm a O93-C86-E59-A14-N84 Big Five!!
A personality quiz i took for class. Seems pretty telling. ^-^
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Here's a quick synopsis of what probably won't suck that much in terms of anime this year.  In ascending order of importance:

Allison to Lillia.  Due to be released April, 2008.  There official site can be located here.  Basically a last exile rip-off.  Why would i be interested in watching it?  hmm... i just have this weird fetish for 30s technology i guess.

Kimi ga Aruji de Shitsuji ga Ore de ~They Are My Noble Masters~.  Has a first ep release Jan 5th.  Should prove entertaining... if only for the hordes of attention-starved girls.

Mai Otome 0~S..ifr~.  February 22nd.  The only conceivable reason for me to find myself watching will be because the ten seconds of yuri that existed in Mai Otome coupled with knowing what scenes fan artists are blowing out of proportion on 4 chan.

AA! Megami Sama Tatakau Tsubasa - admittedly already released (though not subbed), but one might as well say it's a 2008 anime.  I have to tip my hat to this one because Oh My Goddess! was my gateway drug for manga/anime.  I really didn't like how they managed to utterly and completely mangle and distort the recent anime beyond all possible recognition from the manga, but i absolutely adored the movie (in fact it is so far the only animated feature that has actually made me cry including grave of the fireflies) and i have hopes for this.

GUNSLINGER GIRL -IL TEATRINO-.  (why do they have to all be in caps?) release date: Jan 7th. I know, i know, it's not yuri.  Strangely enough, i have a lot of fond memories connected with the original anime and its sound track so... i will probably watch this for its nostalgic factor.

Mnemosyne - Mnemosyne no Musume Tachi.  February 2008.  Probably the most yuri, and the most awful anime slated for 2008.  You can bet money i will watch it... If i could sit through Strawberry Panic and Kashimashi i can survive this in the sake of yuri.

And Finally, the 7th and most anticipated (of a very short list) anime event of 2008 is:
ARIA The ORIGINATION.  Jan 7th.  It's... just so damn cute i can't look away.  Plus it lulls me to sleep at night and gives me a false sense of security.  If i could be reborn as anything it would be an undine.  Gorgeous shoujo(-ai) and quiet days on a picturesque horizon.  I could cry.
Haven't gotten around to moving in yet... actually i don't know that i really need to.  I already have a blog on blogspot... and one on deviant art... and a website.. and a miniblog you can subscribe to if you use iGoogle.  This would almost be overkill.